What is Union City Little League?

Union City Little League offers instructional leagues for young children to learn the basics of the game with Rookie League T-Ball and Coach Pitch Baseball. In addition UCLL provides a quality recreational developmental minor league division in both softball and baseball where players perfect their skills. As always our highly competitive majors baseball and softball programs are ready to take ballplayers to the "Next Level."

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I live in Naugatuck but I do not know which league to play in?

Naugatuck has two chartered Little League's serving the Borough. Union City Little League and Peter J. Foley Little League.  The boundary dividing the two Leagues is basically the Naugatuck River.  Union City LL covers the area of Naugatuck EAST of the river and a small part of the South End of Waterbury. Some streets slightly west of the river are included in Union City territory such the Spring Street area.  Girls aged 13-16 from anywhere in Naugatuck may play at UCLL.

How old does my child have to be to play Little League?

Children age 4 can begin playing in our league.  The child must turn age 4 before December 31 to be considered age 4.  Our league provides baseball up to age 12 ( before April 30) and softball up to age 16 (before December 31 of the previous year).  Softball for ages 13 -16 is dependent on the amount of eligible players who register.

When are games and practices?

The schedules are usually distributed around April 1.  Generally, each team will meet once during the week and once during the weekend.  Extra games may be scheduled depending on the weather.

Does my child have to tryout to make a team?

NO.  Every child who meets the age and residency requirements will play on a team.  The evaluations are held for those players who are eligible to move up to a higher division.  The evaluations give the coaches an opportunity to see each player and draft them onto a team.  This is done to keep the teams as balanced as possible.

Do I need to buy anything extra to play?

The League will provide a baseball hat and shirt, balls, bats, catcher's equipment, and safety supplies.  Parents should supply a glove, cleats, and pants. For softball a facemask is highly recommended, and mandatory for Pitchers. 

Where are the games and practices?

Games and practice fields vary by division.  

Softball is split between the Lower field at the Joe Joy Complex, Breen fields, Cotton Hollow, and St. Francis.  In addition to these fields, softball may travel to surrounding league such as Peter J. Foley across town.  Major baseball is played at the Upper field at the Joe Joy Complex.  

Some practices may take place at Cotton Hollow or Breen Field.  Minor baseball is played at the Upper field at the Joe Joy Complex and Breen fields.  Some games may be played at the Lower field, Cotton Hollow, or St. Francis.  

The younger divisions are generally use the Lower field, St. Francis, or Breen. The AA division may see some time at the Upper Field if available.

Directions and maps to all of our fields are available in the LOCATIONS section of our web site.

Why do I have to work in the concession stand?

In order to keep our registration fees as low as possible, we operate a concession stand at the Joe Joy Complex.  The concession stand generates revenue which is used to pay utilities, field expenses, insurance, and equipment costs.  

We ask that EACH family volunteer some time to work in the stand.  If we get 100% involvement, each family would only have to work in the stand once or twice the entire season.  The time we ask in the stand is only 1/2 of the game at a time.  Only those age 16 or older can work in the stand.  Only UCLL Board members are allowed to operate the grill.

When does the season begin?

Practices will begin at the end of March or first week of April.  All players should hear from their coach no later than March 31.  Please contact us if you have not been contacted by then.  The season begins April 25 and will end approximately. June 15.  All star teams play from June 15 through early August.  In addition to the regular season and all stars, we hope to host a softball tournament during the summer along will skill clinics.  Check the site for updates.

How does the division that my child plays in operate?

The Board of Directors has appointed committees to generate playing rules and guidelines.  They are posted in Adobe Acrobat format in the DOWNLOADS section of the web site.

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